sedile poliestere termopressato su vaso ceramica

Designed to give customers the traditional product characterized by other alternatives for strength, comfort and shine. Available for all series produced by Case Ceramiche, from the most recent to the most recent, thanks to the continuous research and internal development of the new casting molds.

sedile poliestere termopressato su vaso ceramica

Seats designed for the excellent compromise between quality and price. The TPS seat stands out for its resistance due to a 14 mm solid wood core. wrapped in a thickness of 3 mm. of hot-molded polyester resin and the immunity to the yellowing process.

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Seats designed to meet the need for a design product that is the same as the product supplied by the mother ceramic company. Sturdy, resistant to burns and totally waterproof it is made entirely of antibacterial urea formaldehyde, a totally aseptic and unassailable material for the most common pathogens. The range is composed of several universal-shaped series divided into different price ranges and shapes designed specifically for the most-sold series. The strong point for this product, where provided, is the soft close quick release hinge, which guarantees maximum reliability at a very competitive price.

sedile poliestere termopressato su vaso ceramica


The WOOD ECO product, now available in different shapes in addition to the Universal one, was created to satisfy the requests for an economic product, made up of a 18 mm solid wood structure. painted with special white polyester paints and assembled with chromed metal hinges with through fixing or expansion depending on the needs.
The WOOD ECO product is perfectly suited to those solutions that require sturdiness but at the same time an affordable price.

sedile disabile su ceramica

Ideal for giving the possibility of having a seat that can also be used for situations of disability or senior citizens without having to replace the old toilet. The proposed lines give the possibility of having different adaptability solutions.

Seats with an exclusive “retro” style. The product is composed of multilayer wood painted in the 4 available woods. The particular craft technique used for painting makes the product stable and not susceptible to flaking over time. The product can be supplied combined with types of chrome, gold or bronze hinges.

It is a line designed to satisfy the need for security in the bathroom. Produced with high quality materials, in stainless steel 304 and equipped with regular certifications that attest to their reach and durability.


Seats suitable for bathrooms where there is no possibility of having a bidet. This solution is made in a universal shape and must be installed directly on the toilet. The line is offered in 3 different solutions: one in duroplast with a single mixer, one in polyester resin with a single mixer and one in polyester resin with double hot / cold water tap

Various accessories and spare parts on the entire line we sell.