POLISEDIL TRADING SRL was born in December 2019 with the aim of giving a generational change and business continuity to the old society Polisedil trading Sas, founded in 2006 following a split from the company Polisedil Srl, which owes its origins to the family production continuity of Vagliani Mobili, a well-known manufacturer of polyester resin cover product since the early 1960s.

The Polisedil Trading is specialized in the production and marketing of wc-covering products in the different types of materials used to be able to provide an increasingly efficient and targeted service to its customers.

With the passage of time, given the continuous growth in demand from the most famous Case Ceramiche and in order to offer them a more direct logistic service, it was decided to open a second production plant in Poland. After a few years, thanks to a significant increase in demand, it was decided to open a third production center in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a reality on which, from 2013, all the required production was delocalized.

Even today, thanks to the experience and manual skills acquired and handed down, a cover is produced in polyester resin cast in a completely handmade way, maintaining all the phases of manual production, so as to allow the guarantee of a finished product that respects the quality characteristics. and brightness that has always distinguished it from the rest of the products marketed and present on the market.

In addition to these products, in order to give the customer an even more complete and efficient service, it was decided to include a series of “bathroom accessories” for communities made with quality, guaranteeing the components required by the current certification standards required by the hospital structures and state.

Thanks to a knowledge that has been present on the market for over 50 years and thanks to a management program developed specifically for our reality, the Polisedil Trading is able to guarantee, for all the products included in the catalog, immediate availability in order to allow the customer fast delivery of the requested product.

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